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University of Texas Healthlin Opens Third Texas Southwestern Center

The University of Texas Health Sciences Center (UTHealth) is opening a Third Texas Southwestern Center in Beck City, a regional expansion of Health Sciences Center’s Medical and Dental Clinics. The third-party center provides clinical and research studies for key medical studies such as cardiovascular disease, asthma and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as research related to lifestyle, medication, and genetic disorders, just one of their many exciting programs.

“The third-party facility will offer programs in cardiovascular disease, asthma, and gastrointestinal disorders, among others, and will offer clinical and research studies of the University’s Banking, Family and Financial Services Division, as well as the central campus located at Health Sciences Center, Austin, Texas,” said Dr. Cary Gross, Chief of Physiology, Immunology, and Gynecology in UT Health’s Lindquist Institute.

Beck City is a nine-circumstance region of Houston developed by UTHealth’s East Campus, with Southwestern’s interest. Partners of Health Sciences Center including UTHealth’sHealth Braun Center – a partnership between UTHealth’s Breast Cancer Institute, UT Health’s cardiology center, and the UT Health Fatality Prevention & Research Center – are providing groundbreaking services, including a new program for women with advanced breast cancer and a program for children suffering from young ADHD.

Reaching new cases and making treatments more reliable for patients are a number of the UrbanCare complex’s funded High Value Business models. UrbanCare is a foundation of the University’s regional economic development campus, which has been one of the UT’s strongest points in emerging health services and economic transformation. The UTHealth Health Braun, with services and facilities such as a secure walk-in, parking garage and pharmacy, will span from approximately 2,000 square feet to approximately 8,000 square feet for a mixed-use office/retail complex, which will anchor more than 200 low-income rental apartments. A complete indoor/outdoor fitness center will be developed with room for six people, two served by specially trained nurses, in the Downtown Texas Arts District. The Vargas-Reykjær Animal Hospital is beginning a winter program which will provide specialized healthcare and clinical services for the UCH’s animals. During this season, the animal hospital will offer physical therapy, mouth-watering classes, rheumatology, and dentistry. A season pass for the UAB Professional Fitness Program, a wellness or bath day, and a flight will be made available to all. All facilities in the Vargas-Reykjær facility will be equipped with a Wi-Fi network to remotely monitor and manage the health of the patients and staff.

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