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Dementia study seeks to fill gaps in science

Study leader Dr. Zubair Sabnisee says he is in talks to collaborate with medical experts in other fields with important research needs in the scientific and health sectors.

It is hoped that the collaborative efforts, involving 60scientists from more than 50 institutions in the U.S., could provide them with an invaluable resource for extra fruitful research focusing on more than an exciting research topic.

Sabnisee said the collaboration will seek to “compete for the best projects and interests in biomedical and health sciences,” in addition to the substantial amount of data produced by the various research players involved.

“We need to collaborate especially in the fields of Alzheimer’s, neurological diseases, neurology/neurotranslational disorders and functional neurodegenerative diseases. The need is great for big americas. We need to better understand neurological disease, and assess the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders and their role in the progression of neural diseases at the cellular level,” he said.

“We intend to draw from our studies of other diseases — psychiatric, coronary heart degeneration, etc. — to entertain promising projects that we are comfortable with about different future directions in the field of neuroscience and its applications. Such projects can also potentially translate into other areas of tremendous interest especially in engineering and information technologies with the potential to gain a significant amount of value and computational capability,” he stated.

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