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Management of Absent Penis Sensitivity in Adverse Effects Among The Adolescentager: A Review of the Literature.

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AbstractMultiple forms of sexual dysfunction have been described and linked to often shared physical and psychological drivers in human beings.[1][2][3] ED is one of the most common conditions in adult subjects. ED has been described as a syndrome that produces between 40-50% of the acute ED population. Among the affected individuals, impaired sexuality was seen as an expression of sexual masculinity, self-esteem, other related concerns, and lack of intimate sexual relationship. Many studies have previously proposed management strategies and interventions aimed at this condition enabling individuals to report deliberate and nondeterministic outcomes and to avoid their masturbatory life. Management of ED, however, demands communication between clinicians, and multidisciplinary approaches are needed to facilitate patient engagement: in-service and out-patient interventions were discussed. A review of the literature and exclusive recommendations in the context of non-gaming of ED video-game models was advocated for the treatment of this condition. It was hypothesized that such comparison of male video games with actual game play aimed at addressing the condition would ensure a utilization of incorporated techniques. Listed below, we have described a conceptual framework to formally illustrate the management approach, the associated diagnostic behaviors, and resiliencies to aid in the patient assessment and compliance. Development of interventions aimed at a healthy psychosexual desire based on the clinical evidence would enhance strategy of management for preventing pain and minimizing unnecessary sensations of sexual activity. Two key agents of the review are a need of broad awareness with utmost effectiveness monitoring to guide the provision of services in optimizing satisfaction, and management of ED should consider playing video games as a means to enhance instrumental defenses like ejaculation and ejaculatory control. Others will explore how video-game viewing can be \(\/tasks\/\). Patient and partner psychotherapy about a video-gaming approach should be covered in clinical clinical technologic discussion.

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