About Us

About Us

Eko Tracks was founded by Werner Dörgeloh as a result of his passion for and knowledge of Africa. Born and raised in Namibia, he studied and practiced wildlife management in South Africa for 20 years through teaching and research. Now based in the USA, he teaches at a university in North Carolina and directs study abroad programs to Namibia. His extensive travel experience in southern Africa and his exceptional knowledge of the African savanna and its wildlife, have resulted in adventure tours that ensure a memorable experience.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance our client’s travel experience by providing ecotours that are adventurous and enlightening, thereby inspiring their interest in the natural world and thus promoting a lasting conservation perspective

Why travel with Eko Tracks?

  • Tours are designed and selected by Dr Dörgeloh (PhD Wildlife Management) who lived in Africa and has an intimate knowledge of African wildlife and conservation. Dr. Dörgeloh is assisted by professional guides with extensive experience in the country of your destination.
  • Eko Tracks, located in Apex, North Carolina, offers you the best of both worlds; the convenience of dealing with a local US company and at the same time obtaining first-hand knowledge from a “local” expert.
  • At Eko Tracks we adhere to responsible travel principles and promote conservation through education. We raise awareness amongst travelers of the importance of conserving natural resources, and together with insights into wildlife from a professional ecologist, ensure that our tours are enriching and enlightening.

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Why Travel With Eko Tracks

Variety: Our large variety of products, offer great travel opportunities for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for nature.

Expertise: With an intimate scientific knowledge of the African savanna and its wildlife, first-hand personal travel experiences and destination expertise, we offer a wealth of information to our clients.

Network: Having lived in Africa for more than 40 years and drawing on extensive long term business relationships we provide you with specially selected quality products.

Dedication: We are passionate about Africa with its large vistas, a plethora of wildlife unmatched anywhere else, and a diversity of cultures unique to this continent. But above all, we are dedicated to conservation through education.

Read Our Reviews

“I learned so much and the interactive field work and labs were especially beneficial. Amazing! The best choice I’ve ever made with my life. It opened my eyes to everything going on here and was life changing. Samantha, Veterinary Field Study 2018.”

“I learned a lot about conservation that I didn’t before especially about the elephant problem, and the effects of game farming, hunting, poaching in SA. Mary, Veterinary Field Study 2018

“This was an amazing program and I would do it 10,000 times if I could. I learned so much and got to participate and see so much that I never would have in any other program. Amanda, Veterinary Field Study 2018

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