Eko Tracks Expands its Travel Portfolio

Eko Tracks expanded its already extensive selection of African safaris to include volunteer travel and study abroad programs for students interested in wildlife management and veterinary science in South Africa and Namibia. These add a new dimension to our products to meet the demands of many of today’s travelers who seek opportunities which offer more than just a vacation. Travelers now can learn more about wildlife conservation and ecology, and to give back to what they came to enjoy.

By visiting organizations and behind the scenes projects, or by getting involved through volunteering, travelers contribute to conservation. In addition, the volunteering and study abroad opportunities offer students international experience, obtaining new ideas and experiencing different cultures. These life changing experiences prepare students for the competitive world in today’s global market.

Eko Tracks, located in Cary, N.C. provides eco and adventure tours, volunteer travel and study abroad programs, with Africa as the primary destination. Our tours explore spectacular landscapes, and prime areas for wildlife and bird viewing. These tours can also be tailored for private groups with special interests ranging from birding, photography, adventure, ecology, culture/anthropology and geology.