Eko Tracks incorporates Green Travel

Green Travel or sustainable tourism is the new trend in the travel industry. Since the growing number of international travelers have a large impact on the environment and communities in the host countries, companies are beginning to offer more green products and services. Likewise the demography of travelers is changing, with an increase in the 50+ age group. The trend amongst those mature travelers is to seek out Green Travel, and to participate in adventure and life-long learning opportunities. Typically such travel includes physical activity, environmental interaction and cultural immersion. Concern about global environmental and social issues is another reason travelers increasingly want to connect with different cultures and to participate in solutions to these issues. This may include volunteering in environmental or social programs.

We at Eko Tracks adhere to Green Travel principals, and continuously strive to improve our company’s practices. We raise awareness amongst travelers of the importance of conserving our natural resources. This contribution to conserving the environment, as well as giving an insight into wildlife, ecology and conservation by a professional ecologist, ensures that our tours are enlightening and enriching. Get a head start on your adventure and educational vacation by booking a tour with Eko Tracks.

Eko Tracks, www.ekotracks.com, located in Cary, N.C. provides eco, adventure and special interest tours abroad, with Africa as the primary destination. Our tours explore spectacular landscapes, and prime areas for wildlife and bird viewing. These tours can also be customized for private groups upon request. Our special interest tours include ecology, birding, photography, adventure, culture/anthropology and geology.