Eko Tracks sponsored overland trip through Africa

Eko Tracks sponsored an overland trip through Africa. A group of four Germans, under the leadership of Lutz Jagdhuber, planned to cross Africa in 2008. This overland trip required two years of planning and preparation for the long haul. As a start, they bought a Mercedes 4×4 truck and prepared it for the 5 to 6 month overland trip. With Africa’s notorious roads and poor infrastructure, the group had to be virtually self sufficient. This required carrying extra fuel, spare parts, water, food, medicine, money and more. Changing political situations, the rainy season, health issues and many other aspects also had to be taken into account. At least 2 contingency plans had to be developed as backups if needed.

The group started their journey in Germany in July 2008. The first stretch of the trip took them through France and Spain, where they crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Morocco. The route through the western part of the Sahara Desert roughly follow the same route as the famous Dakar Rally. They will then head east towards Uganda and Kenya. From here they will travel south through Zambia with Namibia as their end destination. The group plans to arrive in Namibia around Christmas 2008.