Do you have a passion for wildlife research? Do you have the patience to wait at a waterhole for hours monitoring animals, with only the sounds of nature surrounding you? Then the Research project is for you that plays a key role in the rehabilitation of wildlife and the future success of the sanctuary.

The Research project offers you the opportunity to be actively involved in any of the following research activities:

  • Game counts, night drives and predator call-ups
  • Tracking of collared animals
  • Distribution of game species
  • Grazing patterns of herbivores
  • Monitoring the behavioral patterns of animals
  • Eating habits of carnivores
  • Interaction between the different predators
  • Bird observations and creating a bird species list
  • Help establish and or maintain a data base

Required length of stay as a research volunteer is minimum 4 weeks and up to a maximum of 3 months. The research program allows only one volunteer at a time.

Do I need experience: Yes.

  • We will need a detailed CV outlaying qualifications, accompanied by copies of certificates relevant to the project.
  • If you are still studying, we require a registration form or letter from the university or college, proving that you are studying towards the relevant degree. This needs to be accompanied by a report of your academic achievements (grades).
  • Confirmation of placement is subject to approval by the sanctuary management and availability.