Privacy Policy

Eko Tracks collects information about each client’s personal details including full name and address, passport details, emergency contacts, health concerns and dietary requirements when s/he reserves a place to participate on a tour. Eko Tracks may also collect details about the client’s credit card (card type, card number, expiration date, card holder name and address) when used for purchasing a tour or other payments to Eko Tracks. Eko Tracks collects your full name, e-mail address and/or phone number whenever a client submits a question or suggestion, or requests assistance with an itinerary.

Use of your information

Client information collected by Eko Tracks may be used to:

  • reserve a place on a tour
  • confirm and process the tour reservation
  • deliver tour information, either electronically or by mail
  • communicate with a client prior to and after a tour
  • notify a client of any changes or disruptions of a tour
  • provide the services the client requested
  • respond to questions and suggestions

Sharing of information

Eko Tracks shares client personal information with local service providers performing services and/or functions on behalf of Eko Tracks. Such information is used to reserve vehicles, accommodation, entrance to tourist destinations and related services.

Our obligation

  • Eko Tracks uses products and services from reputable companies only.
  • Eko Tracks does not sell or rent client personal information.

Eko Tracks may be required in certain instances to disclose information the client has provided. Such instances include situations where a client poses a threat to Eko Track’s interests through fraud, when a client’s activities could bring harm to others, or when resolving disputes about payments and client information is given to a relevant bank.

Other websites

Other websites linked to do not operate under our privacy policy. Once you access these websites the privacy policy of Eko Tracks no longer applies.


Eko Tracks reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason.